Olivier Neuman

I have two questions.
My Maternal grandparents were married both a First Time with other People before the war. They had both kids. Two sons for my grandfather and two girls for My grandmother. I have the Name of My grandmother’s first husband but Nothing for My grandfather’s first family except a photo of his first wedding (the bride and him on thé photo).
Is it possible to find something about all those first families who died during the Shoah (husband, wife, Kids) knowing that the different acts of wedding are certainly less than 100 years.
If someone could help me to find all those persons, please
Thank you

The names I know:
- my grandmother Sack (König) Esther Chuve (Elsa) born in Schodnica, Poland (Ukraine) in 1905 married First Time with apparently Kleinberg Oskar

- my grandfather Ernst Jozef Friedman born in Horodichsche, Poland (Ukraine) sept 15, 1904. Don’t know his first wife’s Name.

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