Re: Tracing family in Poland #poland

David Lewin

With the arrival of the new main@groups site I see an interesting "problem"   My Eudora Email client with which I do all my emailing shows me "gibberish" 

Knowing that this was Hebrew I used  which converted the posting into legible Hebrew

Is the intention of jewishgen to accept posting in any language in future?

I would guess that where in the past pots always requested to "answer privately" when you hit "reply" and did not look, it had both the sender of the original message AND the jewishgen group (which then rejected the message to the "list") in the response email recipients  Now the super-duper new facilty seems to allow messages to the list through.

David Lewin

At 12:04 11/10/2019, iris_c@... wrote:
×“× ×™×�לה שלו×�: משפחתה של ×�ימי ×”×™×� מהעיר ר×�ליש עצמה. ×”×� היו משפחת ×–× ×“×‘×¨×’ והדודי×� היו משפחת פפר ומשפחת צ'סקלה
. ×�ין לי הרבה מידע על המשפחה ו×�×£ ×�×™× ×™ יודעת ×�ת שמות ×‘× ×™ הדודי×� כול×�. משפחתה של ×�ימי גורשה מהעיר ×¢"×™ ×”×’×¨×ž× ×™×� ×•× ×™×¦×œ×” בברה"מ.
×©× ×” טובה,

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