Seeking information finding burial site in Palestine (pre 1948 Israel) #israel #lithuania

Jennifer Meltzer

In 1926, my maternal grandmother, Jennie (nee Beck) PEARLMAN traveled from the USA to Lithuania and Poland to visit the "old country".  She kept in a diary, and in it, she mentions that her parents are "buried in Palestine".  I believe her mother's name was Gittel SCHNEIDER, and her father was Alexander BECK.  To date, I have been unable to determine in which cemeteries in Israel it is possible that they may be buried.  My grandmother was from Vilna.  She herself was a "Yiddishist" who was somewhat traditional, but not Orthodox.  I have no idea what her parents lifestyle may have been.

I subscribe to the IGRA newsletter, and have tried reaching out to them as well, but to no avail.

Any leads would be helpful.

Jennifer Meltzer, NYC

searching for: FELDMAN and WEISMAN - Dvinsk and Rezekne, Latvia
                       PEARLMAN and SUKEONIG - Minsk, Belarus
                       BECK, SCHNEIDER - Vilna, Lithuania/Poland
                       SANDOW - England

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