Kardonsky #usa


In the wake of the "Roots" genealogy craze, my grandfather told me his mother, Batya Kardonsky, had at least nine siblings.  My family has been in touch with the descendants of four them since leaving Ukraine, vicinity of Starykostyantinyv/Starokonstantinov, a century ago.  I am writing to see whether this message board can help me connect with the other five trunks:
I believe I recently identified the descendants of a fifth sibling, Pearl, who married Bernard Blumberg and went to Philadelphia.

Number 6, Uncle Morris, also went to Philadelphia, a seventh, Shima, went to Argentina, Uncle Reuben came to America, and Grandpa had no information at all on number nine, Mochta, which may mean Mordechai.  Grandpa thought  it possible that there were others.
Although I believe they are from (at least?) two wives (Pearl is about 30 years younger than my great-grandmother) their common father was David.
If there is anyone out there who is part of this clan, please contact me directly.
Yale Zussman

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