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Avraham Groll

Thank you, Jon. We will review how to do this better, per your suggestions.
With regards to Hebrew characters - this new platform can now accept accented characters, along with multiple languages, etc. It was never a policy to NOT accept this in the past. We were simply limited by the technology.
Thank you very much for your feedback, suggestions and continued support of JewishGen's important work.

On Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 08:19 AM, Jon Seligman wrote:



The hashtag has the potential to be useful but needs to be visually presented better. The white in small letters on a light green background (#Sephardic #Galicia) makes it almost invisible to the eye. Larger letters and a black background would work (#Sephardic #Galicia).


חג שמח

)it was always outrageous that the JewishGen forum would not accept Hebrew characters – so תודה רבה)


Jon Seligman

Zur Hadassa, Israel

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