Re: Genealogy software for Mac

Michael Shade

Jo Ann,

I use MacFamilyTree, it does everything I've ever wanted it to do (and a lot more besides). It is designed for the Mac, and very easy to use, and has excellent reports, charts and Tree visualisations. It syncs to its own cloud storage, and there's a mobile version for iPhone/iPad, and you can keep all devices in sync.

There's a new version out recently, still on half-price offer.

Best wishes,

Michael Shade
Brighton, UK
Researching: Schreibman (Pinsk), Zaturensky (Pinsk); Ilyutovich (Lida), Levin (Gomel), Belagratsky (Lida); Frankensztajn (Gąbin), Zegelman (Gąbin), Szczawinski (Gąbin), Chern (Słubice), Kohn (Nadarzyn), Igla (Nadarzyn); Waksman (Gniewoszow), Szechtman (Irena/Dęblin), Glasman (Gniewoszow), Landenbaum (Bobrowniki), Ejsensztat (Granica), Szteinberg (Granica), Elbsztejn (Bobrowniki)

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