NY City Area Cemeteries - Offering Assistance

A. E. Jordan

I am going to complete my NY City area cemetery visits before the snow flies for the winter.

If anyone needs assistance with photos of graves please feel free to contact me, understanding that I ask you to have the information on the location of the grave, ie cemetery, etc.  The larger cemeteries all have online databases (which are better sources than the third party sites).  Please don't send me a request cousin Moshie died in New York can you photograph his grave .....

The cemeteries that I will be prioritizing include

Mount Zion (Maspeth Queens)
Mount Carmel
Mount Judah
Mount Lebannon
Mount Hebron
Montefiore (Old in Springfield Gardens, Queens)

I might try a few others sort of depending on requests.  I have been to and might go back to New Montifore on Long Island.  People are asking about Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn and I am hesitant because they are not online and less organized with their records to find the graves but I might try.

I ask you to be as specific as possible with the name and the date and if it was a child please warn me because those graves are usually separated in the plot and those stones may not have survived the decades as well.

I appreciate but do not require a few dollars in return to help with the expenses of doing this for everyone.

It is an interesting and sort of peaceful effort walking these cemeteries.  Last weekend I got flagged down by a family to become the extra man so they could say their prayers. Of course I obliged even though I did not know anyone included the deceased. 

Also happy to assist with information or tips as I can about the cemeteries and searches and NYC records.  Feel free to ask email questions.

Allan Jordan

PS Hope I did this correctly -- its my first try on the new discussion group system

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