Re: Discussion Group - Digest #1

Martin Fischer

I think the changes are an overall improvement. The design is cleaner and more modern. Having the responses to earlier posts listed immediately below the original posts in the digest layout offers a good give-and-take format that allows the recipients to follow the arguments. 
Not being limited to plain text is great and long overdue. Our Hebrew and Russian subscribers now have the option of writing in their own languages if they prefer. We now can insert images or other relevant attachments such as photos or documents. 

Change can be intimidating. We will get used to it over time. Meanwhile, I assume the managers will be fine-tuning the system in response to criticisms and suggestions.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois

Family history website:
Researching: FISCHER/FISHER of Prussia; KOBER of Kempen, Posen, Prussia (Kepno, Poland); DAUST/DAUS of Wongrowitz, Posen, Prussia (Wagrowiec, Pila, Poland); KOPPENHAGEN of Wongrowitz, Posen, Prussia (Wagrowiec, Pila, Poland) and Copenhagen, Denmark; LEVY of Wongrowitz, Posen, Prussia (Wagrowiec, Pila, Poland); FOERDER of Posen, Prussia; GELHORN of Posen, Prussia; LEVIK of Kyiv, Ukraine; OSTROWSKA/OSTROWSKI of Kyiv, Ukraine; KAGAN/COHEN of Svyataya Volya, Brest, Belarus, or Pinsk, Brest, Belarus; STEINBERG of Motol, Brest, Belarus, or Pinsk, Brest, Belarus; and GOTTLIEB of Motol, Brest, Poland.

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