Re: receiving multiple digests and duplicate emails

Joan A. Baronberg

1. So I’m trying to reply to Hilary Henkin, and I don’t see her email address. How can I reply directly to her/him?
Then, when I press “reply to group,” all I get is an email address of “main@groups” and No copy of the message to which I am “replying” is enclosed. That makes no sense! How will anyone know to what I am “replying”?

2. For years and years, I could read my Digest delivery once a day and it was clearcut and effective. Now, WHY, am I receiving 8-10 emails a day from JewishGen? Why doesn’t my all-in one true digest form stay as is? BTW, I definitely do Not want to receive individual emails.

3. I also tried to change the style of my subscription in which I receive these emails. I wasn’t successful in finding a way to do that. I simply do not understand why every person needs to formally change their subscription style. A stupid hassle.

Conclusion, One more day of this, and I will cut my cord with Jewishgen. That is a sad story as I am a long-time member (and even started a discussion group —SRRG).

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