Re: Multiple digests

Dick Plotz

There is no "daily digest" option. It is a "Daily Summary", which is
roughly comparable to the "Index" option under Lyris (the previous
platform). It provides a listing of subject lines only, along with the
names (or part of the e-mail address for those who don't provide their
names) of the contributors for each subject line. Since many subject
lines are meaningless, this doesn't help at all. (the new platform) offers many other types of subscription
besides the four we are currently presented with. Some of them were
briefly displayed during the beta testing period. Perhaps there is one
that is closer to the old Lyris digests. If that were presented to us
as an option, it would be an improvement. I don't believe there is any
overhead to adding an option. Of course, if 50 new options were all
presented, that would be too confusing, but adding a few selected
options might be helpful. A true daily digest -- one e-mail each
morning with the full text of every post from the previous day and the
name and e-mail address of the sender to allow private replies --
would be a good start.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 11:37 PM <fb645@...> wrote:

Go to your settings and switch your settings from full-featured digest to daily digest. See attached snip.

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