Re: Digest

Joan Edelstein

The numerous digest is definitely a glitch that needs to be fixed. I was unable to find a way to switch to daily summary in my account under manage my subscriptions or under HELP. So I sent an email for help and got an automated response, including how to switch to daily summary with a email.

I emailed for a daily summary, and it turns out that’s what I’m already getting. However, I have now gotten something like seven digests today. This is the email that I received:


We have received a request to change your email delivery settings for the Your current setting is "Summary" and the request is to change it to "Summary" . If this is correct, please just reply to this email and your email delivery setting will be changed promptly.

If you did not request this, please accept our apologies and ignore this message. Your email delivery setting will not be changed.

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