Jews in Germany: Reichsvereinigung: Letter S


Continuing the project to index the card collection, Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (Association of Jews in Germany) I have added 4,979 entries whose family names begin with the letter S.  As is the case with the previous letters, this index may be viewed on Steve Morse’s One Step Webpages, Holocaust material, German Jewish Roof Card Collection.
Beginning in the late 1930s, all Jews, whether or not German citizens, resident in Germany were required to register and these card registration forms were collected in Berlin.  Only about 30,000 of these cards have been found and they are held at the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, where they can be viewed under the heading Reichsvereinigung. The scope of the information on each card varies, from as little as a name, to extensive information on profession, schooling and ultimate fate.
I am gradually indexing these cars, so far A-S, and the index is searchable by family and maiden name, places of birth and death, as well as such information as deportation, survival and country of emigration.  While this is a German collection, many of the registrants were born elsewhere, especially in Western Poland.  I have entered these places in English, e.g. Lodz, not Litzmannstadt.  Place of emigration is also given, when known, so one can identify all whose destination was e.g. Argentina.  Using additional information available at the USHMM, I have also added information which does not appear on the cards, e.g. while an individual was deported, he may have survived.
If you find names of interest, first examine the cards on the Bad Arolsen website under Reichsvereinigung, making sure to look at both sides of each card.  Only then, if you still have questions, please free to contact me and I shall try to help
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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