I'm still confused (but at a much higher level now!)

Susan Fifer

Like many subscribers I have been trying to understand how the new system
works. Rather than post to the group, I thought I would just query a couple
of things. I used to get digests most days from the following: Jewishgen,
JRI Poland, JGSGB, Gesher Galicia. Others have mentioned that they have
received nothing from these other groups since the new system went live and
I am in the same position. I do not believe the post which said that it was
usual not to have postings in the high holydays period. Have I misunderstood
something? Do I need to sign up elsewhere to get these groups again - I
can't find them after I have logged in. Have they been incorporated in the
main group?

I have changed from having multiple digests per day to having a single
summary but this also doesn't feel comfortable. I download my email from my
server onto Windows Live Mail and am then in a position to read offline if I
wish. Now, if I want to read a topic I have to click on it and then go back
into the main page which is online. My ability/willingness to scan and
process all this is limited. I appreciate all the reasons you gave for
wanting to make the changes. However, while you and your team will have
debated and discussed these in great detail and grown used to them over the
period of development, it suddenly feels like a lot of new learning
"opportunities" have been dumped on me from a great height. One of the
reasons that I don't like Facebook discussions very much is because they
seem so random. If someone responds to an earlier posting one has to go back
and read through the thread. I may be simple or just "an old codger" as
someone put it rather impolitely (I thought) in the main group but I think I
prefer the linear/plain vanilla approach. There were always lots of message
that I could scan and pass over quickly - now I feel controlled by the new
system and the large number of help notes and requirements that are on the
site. Is all this because the site itself is a managed groups site rather
than your own site?

I have no doubt that this will settle down at some point - those who can't
or don't want to deal with the new system will drop out from it. Others will
learn (reluctantly or enthusiastically) and then it will seem as if everyone
loves the new system. At the moment I do not. I will give it another week
but I'm not particularly happy at the moment.

Susan Fifer, Cambridge, England

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