Training on the New Email System

Kathleen Craine

In general the digests are cleaner.  It's obvious that it is made to be easier to read on phones and smaller devices, so for those users who read their email that way, I'm sure this is a vast improvement.  However, it doesn't seem like this system is particularly intuitive.  It takes a lot to figure out.  For example, it's not clear to me why some messages have the user's name as "From", and other messages include the user's email address in the "From" spot.  Including the email address on every message would be optimal, and make it so much easier to "Reply Privately."

I too am annoyed with the zillion of digests each day. I agree with Dick Plotz that the Summary option is not a satisfactory answer--there should be 1 digest per day--period. A Daily Digest is a Daily digest.

Additionally I would like to suggest that a YouTube-like training video (or series of videos) be made available that demonstrates to users, screen by screen, how to navigate this new system.  I think that it would be easier to follow and more effective for many people, rather than written instructions, which can be confusing.

Kathleen Craine

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