Re: Cherkassy-Smela #ukraine


Hoping to find more information about my grandfather, Max Rothstein (Smela)His father and grandfather, Shlomo and Nachum (Rotshteyn), his uncle Shimon, Shimon's children Isaak, Shlomo, Max, Rosa and Riva. Also from Cherkassy, my great-grandmother Chaya Kosminsky, her parents Pincus and Bessie (obviously Anglicized), my great-uncle Nissen (Nathan) Kosminsky, my great-aunt  Chave Kosminsky, Nissen's wife Gittel Cherkasy and her parents, Jonah and Tolia Tovorovsky. As you can see, I have extensive family from both Smela and Cherkassy, but I think my grandfather Max must have had siblings and I'm trying to find them and their descendants. I remember an aunt, Tante Perel, but have no information about her, other than she was from his side of the family. I could never connect them as siblings.

Judi Rothstein Zimmer

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