Re: Comments about format change

David Brostoff

On Oct 14, 2019, at 4:07 PM, Carolyn Lea <leacl7@...> wrote:

I tried to login to Jgen and it says I don't have a password. Do we all have to change our password?
If by Jgen you mean this page <>, that is only for the Discussion Group.

(The green title " The Global Home for Jewish Genealogy" is misleading -- the "regular" site remains where it has always been and can be accessed as usual.)

So, you don't have to change your password for the regular site but you do have to create a new password if you want to log on to the discussion group online.

To do that, click the green "Log in if you are already a member" button near the bottom of the page, then on the resulting page click "Forgot your password, or don't have one yet?".

Enter your email address and click "Email me a link to log in," and when you get the link, click it to log in and create a password for the discussion group site.

Note that your regular account will remain unchanged.


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