Re: New format

Joan A. Baronberg

Technically I am replying to Steven King’s message today but, my “reply” doesn’t automatically include his original message, so how would anyone know? (thus, I am copying and pasting that below*). The underlying point is that no one seems to have preceded this whole new platform by involving the Jewishgen digest readership in its selection. Personally, I find that objectionable—and as it proves, we all are seeing the consequences. It’s as if a basically private process (a group still unidentified to us by name) decided on this new step, rather than having the existing readership report if they were A-dissatisfied with the status quo, B-what are their priorities in a daily digest and C-on what devices or programs are they reading the posts? 

We have a wonderful and experienced group of researchers whose needs and interests and trust should be acknowledged. Can we go back to Square One and start this whole process over again?

Joan Baronberg
Denver, CO
{And BTW, we used to put in the family names we are researching right along with our signature on each message or reply. I’m renewing that custom. Mester, Master, Friedman, Weiser. Suchostav, Ukraine) 

New format 
From: Stephen Katz
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:03:35 EDT 

The new format is not an improvement. It is too complicated to be useful. The ultimate objective of users is to do genealogical research, and the digest should be merely a tool to facilitate research. Users should not have to spend their time grappling with and navigating around its many idiosyncrasies. One example: like others, I was receiving each day a frankly ridiculous number of emails containing messages posted to the digest, until I figured out how to opt to receive only the daily summary. But now, in order to read posts listed on the daily summary, I have to click on a posts's heading, which takes me to a different page, and then, after I've read the post, I have to navigate back to the daily digest to see what other posts I might be interest, and then repeat the process. This is definitely far too cumbersome to be useful.

Stephen Katz

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