Re: JewishGen Discussion Group Update

Dennis Wulkan

With all due respect, the limitation on the daily digest is arbitrary and does not meet user needs.  I do not agree that it is unable to be changed.  You have the ability and the technology if you
accept our input and user needs.  After all, the so-called 12 limitation is built in, you can change it to 24 or 48 easily enough.  I find the response of Mr. Groll to be uncharacteristically non-supportive. Clearly, the beta testing did not take these factors into consideration. Please consider changing.

(2) Daily Digests/Including Previous Messages

Many have expressed displeasure with the fact that they have received multiple digests per day. Let me explain: the system is set up whereby each time 12 messages are submitted, a digest is automatically distributed. We are unable to change this. 

Dennis Wulkan


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