Re: JewishGen Discussion Group Update

Ralph Baer

I assume that all of this discussion will soon die down, although it may pick up again when the SIGs are converted. From day 1 of the GerSIG list, which I think was about 25 years ago, I wondered why one could not type umlauted characters in the group. My name was originally Bär (although the earliest signature which I have seen from about a year after the name was adopted in 1809 reads Behr), and there are many times that it one really should post the spelling as it was used. I learned to live with it, but I was never happy with it. So I was happy when I heard things were going to change.

Some of the other changes I like. Some I don't. The ability to change fonts, insert pictures, etc., seems ridiculous to me, but I could grow to like it. I like the fact that one can get BCCs of one's posted messages and can receive copies of replies to one's posts. I also like the fact that one can add a signature. At least I like it until someone has one that is 50 lines long.

I find it hard to understand that the limit of the number of messages in a digest was hardwired and 12 was selected. It seems to me to be the type of thing which should be chosen at the discretion of the group moderator.

I also feel that a metagroup should have been setup for discussing the changes as opposed to those posts being here,

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