Sharenson/Sherenson Research


Dear Genners,
Mazal Tov on the new discussion group set up.
Please can someone help me.This is really a repeat of an old request.
I am trying to find out what happened to Nechama Ida Sherman who married a Sherenson/Sharenson in Lithuania in late 1800s. In 1904 she sent a" thank you  for your help" postcard from TOMSK, W. Siberia , to my great grandfather, her uncle, Elias Todres SHERMAN of NovoAlexandrovsk, . The photo on the postcard is of a beautiful young woman (20-40) with husband and 3 small children (6, 3 and baby in arms I would guess).
I have searched Jewishgen and the BigA and other leading gen websites.
At one point,( maybe 2016-7) I saw the surname Sherenson  in the Chabad or communal newsletter from Tomsk but the local leaders replied without any actual information.
I know of Sharensons, indeed my relatives, who settled in Boston , but again have spoken with descendants but hit a brick wall..
Does anyone know of any people with this surname, that I could contact?
Thank you
Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom
Ros Romem

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