A Galician World Right in the Heart of Brooklyn #galicia

Steven Turner

A bit of Galicia in modern day Brooklyn. Hol Hamoed Sukkot in the
Shendishover Shul. This Rabbinical dynasty from the shtetl that is
today called Sedziszow Malopolski in Poland is still going strong and
I was honoured to be invited to their celebration tonight. The
davening here was authentic Galician. I found it so strange yet
wonderful to see young Yeshiva boys praying in this beautifully
sounding Galician Hebrew. Listen to the passion in their davening in
the video linked to here

I was very excited to be an honoured guest tonight at the Shendishover
Shul in Brooklyn. Israel Horowitz and his father the Shendishover
Rebbe were so hospitable to me. I so much enjoyed their services.
Their passion in davening especially during Hallel was a joy and an
experience to behold. Afterwards they invited me into their beautiful
Succah and gifted me a jar of honey for a sweet New Year. Picture
linked to here

The experience felt like taking a time warp back to Galicia while
being in the middle of Brooklyn. I so enjoyed their Galitzianer
accented Hebrew. It brought back memories of being in my grandparent's
shul as a young boy in East NY.

Wishing everybody a Shabbat Shalom and

a Moadim L'Simcha.

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