Ship name for passenger list

Jennifer Meltzer

My maternal grandmother, Jennie (Beck) PEARLMAN came to the USA in the 1890's.  In 1925 she traveled on her own to visit the "Alte Heim" - the old country.  In her case, this was Vilna, Lithuania (then part of the USSR) and Warsaw, Poland.  There is a photo of her on the ship, but the name is partly hidden.  What's visible is _ _TZOW BREMAN.  A key to finding the correct ship is that she was not an immigrant at this point, but an American passenger.

Does anyone know how I can figure out the full name of the ship and then find the manifest/passenger list?

Jennifer (Feldman) Meltzer, NYC
Researching: FELDMAN - Dvinsk, Latvia
      WEISMAN, KOPILOFF - Latvia
      PEARLMAN, RIFKIN, MELTZER  - Belarus to the Bronx
      BECK - Vilna and Manila, Philippines

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