Re: Please use ViewMate for translation requests

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Odeda and fellow researches,

YES! I totally agree to your request of continuing to use the wonderful ViewMate-Tool. I also frequently transcribe or translate (and had my first requests, too) and find the discussion on abiguous wording very fruitful. Sometimes the first glance – and the following translation – is incorrect or information is missing and I truly believe that the more eyes scrutinize a translation the better it gets. The German word „Schwarmintelligenz“ = „wisdom of the crowd“ describes all the positive features. An individual answer will not reach the possible excellence a ViewMate-discussion will provide!

So: Please keep going! Thank you


Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar) - D-22955 Hoisdorf (between Hamburg and Luebeck)

Researching: GOSLAR, KITZITAFF,/EHRMANN, WUERZBURG, MEHRGUT, SCHAFRANEK and many others, in Northern Germany and abroad (Grohnde, Bremen, Celle, Hamburg, Berlin)
specially: Dina GOSLAR (1881 in Luebeck, via Bordeaux, Beaufort en Vallee, Auschwitz)

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