Re: Lithuanian Yizkor Book

Ron Kathren

Thank you for your communication re the Lithuanian yiskor book.  I am quite interested in what it may contain, and hopefully, I can somehow obtain a copy to see if it has anything pertinent to my family.  Perhaps you can advise me regarding interlibrary loan.  My grandmother, who I never met, was a resident of Kalvarija and was murdered along with many others in Mariampole in September 1941.  I visited Lithuania in1996 and saw firsthand the killing site, the house where my father lived as a small boy, and learned much about what went on during WWII as well as Jewish life in Lithuania before the war.   Unlike her children, the last members of which emigrated in 1920, she had remarried and chose to stay in Lithuania.  Her name is Hannah Kaczerinsky (first marriage) Popelianski (second marriage) nee Cohen.  I also am aware of ancestry in Vilkaviskis, surname Rutstein.


Would be pleased to share what little I have learned with you and, of course, would be most grateful for any information you can provide.


Many thanks,


Ron Kathren

Richland, WA






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