Re: Healthcare in Belarus: This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks

N. Summers

Wow! My grandfather had two sisters who became nurses and stayed behind when the rest of the family came to the US. The family was living in Radzilov, Volyn, #Belarus but I have not been able to find out where the two sisters went to nursing school, or what happened to them. Do you know anything about the nurses who worked at the hospital in #Minsk? Their maiden names would have been #Finkelstein, but one or both probably got married. Not sure if this was before or after nursing school.

I have a photograph of the graduating class from the nursing school. I would love to find out where it is. Does anyone knows how I could figure this out? I think it would’ve been in the 1910’s. I will post the photo in the viewing program (which I haven’t found yet). I think there is some writing also on the back, which  probably is in Yiddish. that also might provide some clues.

Many thanks


Nancy Summers

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