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Shana Mink

Hello Louis.
Thank you so much for your mail.
Yes - he did travel outside of South Africa. He had a passport. So he must have them been nationalised? Is that right?

I searched the archives under Barney Mink, Barnett Mink ans came up with nothing.
Also I called the Pietermaritzburg archives and they said they have no naturalisation certificate for him.

So at a dead end really.

Unless home affairs can assist. But I do not have a date of naturalisation and so unless they can search surname or name - I think stuck.

I did try to get an ID for him or search for him once at home affairs and they told me they do not recognize the ID number.

Sending thanks and regards.

Shana Mink.

On 21 Oct 2019, at 18:12, Louis Zetler <louis.zetler@...> wrote:

´╗┐Hi Shana,

Firstly, he may not have made an application for naturalization. If he went overseas from S. A., he must have made an application, because you had to naturalize in order to get a S. A. passport.

Secondly, the National Archives of S. A. is problematic in that, unless you enter the name as it was entered by the person doing it, you won't find it. E. g. I knew that my grandfather had made an application, but it was not listed under ZETLER. Eventually I looked for him under his first first name, and that was how I found it, listed as ZELTER!

Yokneam, ISRAEL

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