Next Meeting of the Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society, Sunday October 27, 1-3PM


Topic: Those Annoying Wonderful DNA Matches

Where: Knollwood Place Apartments Auditorium
3630 Phillips Parkway, St. Louis Park, MN

Speaker: Dan Kastrul - CEO, musician, photographer and above all else, DNA geek

Program: Are you considering a DNA test, but aren't sure what it can
tell you? Perhaps you’ve done a DNA test and now you’re receiving
notifications of matches. What are you to do with this information?
Dan Kastrul will help you make sense of those puzzling DNA matches.

This talk will include some hands-on exploration. We encourage you to
bring your laptop if available.

The program is free for paid members and $5 for non-members (applied
to membership fee when a visitor joins MNJGS) after their first

Register at Click on Events.

Walter S. Elias
President MNJGS

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