Stern sisters in Israel #germany #israel

Karen Catania

Three Stern sisters from Wieseck, Germany immigrated to Palestine in
the late 1920's. All daughters of Julius Stern, Mother Betty Hobach -
All born 1907 or before.
I would like to find their birth and death and any other pertinent
information on the following
Hedwig "Hede" Stern married to Walter Turnowsky, son Dan Toren
I believe she died in Ramat Gan
Betty Stern married Hugo Ranon, they 2 daughters Naomi and Edna.
We believe she died 7 January 1979 in Israel.
Selma Stern we believe never married, but we are not sure.
Any clues will help solve a family mystery.
Thank you
Karen Sobel

Best Regards,
Karen Catania

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