Re: Polish citizenship #poland

Stanley Diamond

Denise commented that she handled the entire application on her own without
the assistance of an agency or lawyer.  Based on the many people who have 
contacted JRI-Poland over the years in search of help in locating the documents
they need to complete the application, I would comment that Denise is the one of
the exceptions rather than the rule. 

We have have been witness to or learned of many cases that stretched on for an
interminable length of time - for a variety of reasons - often caused by the intricacies
of applicable laws, additional documents required, such as proof of residence in
Poland within the prescribed period, and on and on. 

We have built a list of reputable companies providing guidance and carrying out
such applications (not lawyers who have fee schedules that can be excessive. 
A few companies with which we are familiar will examine the documents you
already have and what you know about your ancestor(s) circumstances and then
comment on your eligibility without charge .  

Questions welcomed.  Write to PolishPassports@...

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, JRI-Poland

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