Bad Arolsen Archives #holocaust


As has been previously reported, the Bad Arolsen archives are gradually
posting material online from their massive holdings. The United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has integrated and made available in its
HSV (Holocaust Survivors and Victims) database over 800,000 name records
from Arolsen’s WWII Displaced Persons Care and Maintenance (CM/1) files and
other online collections,

The purpose of this feature is to create a “one-step search” platform for
users. You can simply search a name here:
hrrps:// If a name
appears in these Arolsen collections you will see the full record and
digitized documents in Arolsen’s digital collections online by clicking the
name link on the Search Results.

Overall, the USHMM’s HSV database contains over 8 million entries, with
5,669,000 of these entries available on the public website. The remainder
cannot be publicly posted due to restrictions imposed by the organizations
which provided the data, but all may be viewed by visitors to the Museum.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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