Re: ViewMate Translation Request Yizkor Book Article in Hebrew

David Lewin

At 03:22 23/10/2019, Dave Lichtenstein wrote:
Hello Everybody

My apologies for this second posting. I was mistaken that the language
recquiring translation from into English was Yiddish when in fact it is

I've posted three pages of a Yizkor Book article "The Beitar and the
Revisionist movements in Pinczow" which mentions my maternal grandfather
Zelig Hering (whom I never met as he perished in Auschwitz) featured in "A
Book of Memory of the Jewish Community of Pinczow, Poland". I understand
that his name appears in the text which refers to the two group photographs
in the article. The article appears in pages 210-212 of the Book and is
available on ViewMate at the following addresses... ; and

I am of course looking for a complete translatlion of the text. I want to
know more about the Beitar and revisionist movements in Pinczow during the
two World Wars and also my grandfather's role in it.

Thank you very much.

Dave Lichtenstein

Researching HEING in Pinczow
Located in Sydney, Australia

Let me know in a while if you still need help - then I will do it

David Lewin

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