Re: Thank you To Nu? What's Nu? A search tip and A Uruguay research request re GOLDSHMIDT

Bob Friedman

The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem,, has the following collection:

Uruguay - Jewish Communities and Organizations

Files of the Comité Central Israelita del Uruguay (1940-1975), the Organización Sionista del Uruguay (OSU) (1954-1975), Keren Hayesod (Campaña Unida pro Israel) del Uruguay (1948-1964), Keren Kaiemet LeIsrael (1948-1976), WIZO (1938-1959), the Congreso Judío Mundial en Uruguay (1941-1970); files of the various Jewish communities (1920-1972), the Vaad Hajinuj del Uruguay and various Jewish schools (1939-1975); youth, social and other organizations (1908-1972) in Montevideo as well as many periodicals and publications (1942-1979).

Collection Type: 
1908 - 1975
ca. 750 files
Record No.: 

The attached file is a finding aid (folder list) that can be downloaded from the above web site.

Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

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