Searching for Descendants of Karoline (Kranz) Roll or later Heine in Bucharest #romania

Ilana Grallert

I have hit a wall in my search for descendants of Karoline Kranz who was born in Czernowitz on March 7, 1906. She married Jacob Roll in Czernowitz in 1927. Jacob died  in 1933 and she married Herbert Armin Heine in 1936. Karoline died in Czernowitz in 1987. She had a daughter Erica born in 1928 in Czernowitz who died in 1987 in Bucharest. I believe that there are still children of hers in Bucharest. Erica married  Armand Penchas. I do not speak Romanian and so I am having a hard time searching in Bucharest and in Czernowitz after it became part of Romania and today is Ukrainian. 
I would be grateful for any lead.
Ilana Grallert

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