Re: Polish citizenship #poland

Stanley Diamond

While Polish residence may be necessary to obtain the legalized copies of records
necessary for the formal application, that is a final step in the process and research
into the survival and availability of records and eligibility for citizenship are by far the
most important initial steps to be taken.

Where a Polish address is needed, JRI-Poland is pleased to be able to provide that 
service along with research of both our online and offline data for the source of vital
records or other sources that may be acceptable in place of vital records that may
not have survived.  And, as mentioned in my earlier post, we are also able to suggest
companies who provide the application service with reasonable costs.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland.

a2zik@... writes:
"It is true that you do not need to use a Polish agency to
get your Polish citizenship. However my experience has been that you can only
receive some documents by having them mailed to person with an address in Poland. "

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