Re: Not always Ellis Island

Janet Lachman

The same thing happened to my husband.  He was born in Brooklyn, and always assumed his father had come in through Ellis Island.  We were living in Houston and attended a party in Galveston that was held right next door to a maritime museum where you could enter a name on a computer and tap into a database of people who had come to the US through Galveston.  We entered the name "Lachman", and were astonished when up came someone who matched his father in age, occupation, origin and ship, although they had badly mangled his first name.  It turned out he had been part of a project managed by Rabbi Henry Cohen, who sought to bring Eastern European Jewish immigrants to the U.S. and have them settle west of the Mississippi to avoid anti-Semitic backlash in cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Boston. 

Janet L. Lachman

"Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory." -- Franklin Pierce Adams

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