Can anyone tell me how long has the name Neta (נֶטַע) has been in use?



I'd be very grateful for some help. I'm trying to discover how long the name given name "Neta" (נֶטַע, plant/seedling) has been in use, both for men and women.

In the course of my research on JewishGen, I've come across the name "Neta" being used several times, in records from the early 20th century and before, for both men and women.

Can anyone tell me if this name I've found in the records is the Hebrew name נֶטַע? Or is it a different name? The reason I ask is because I read once that the name "Neta" (נֶטַע) dated from the 1960s onwards.

I'd appreciate tremendously any help anyone can give me. Thank you so much for your time!

Best wishes,


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