Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean?

Judite Orensztajn

Amiel, shalom and shavua tov,

Whenever you and all our genders find this kind of "mystery", it can easily be solved here:

This is a site that gives the meaning of RASHEI TEVOT.

The most common meaning of א"י is Eretz Israel (ארץ ישראל), but there are other ones, as you can see here:

I hope this helps! All the best,

Judite Orensztajn, Jerusalem

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Good day. In the 1932 census in Tzfat, my great-grandmother's country of birth and nationality is described in Hebrew letters as "Aleph Yud". Could someone shed a light as to what it means? I guess it's an acronym, but I cannot find its meaning.
Thank you,
Amiel Moskona

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