Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean?

David Lewin

In Ivrit we always have the " to show that the letters are an abbreviation - usually before the last letter of a string.  It does not aid the meaning.

Show me the original Hebrew document, maybe there are some more clues?


At 17:25 26/10/2019, Amiel Moskona wrote:
Thank you. I didn’t mention (sorry) that it’s written: aleph “ yud. Maybe that provides a better clue?
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Taken out of context it is difficult to be certain but Alef-Yud can stand for
"Or Yehuda"
Or Yashar
"Eino Yehudi" = is not a Jew
Eino Yachol = is unable
Eretz Yisrael

to name but a few

David Lewin

At 14:09 26/10/2019, AmielM@... wrote:

Good day. In the 1932 census in Tzfat, my great-grandmother's country of birth and nationality is described in Hebrew letters as "Aleph Yud". Could someone shed a light as to what it means? I guess it's an acronym, but I cannot find its meaning.
Thank you,
Amiel Moskona

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