Re: In Search for DEUTSCH Antal


Hi Amit,
found this information on Family Search: Antal Deutsch( died on 6th of May 1905) : parents : Sàndor Deutsch and Julia Gruber
Children : Jolán Deutsch  married on 25th of June 1926 to Vilmos Szegeti
                Ilona  Duetsch born around 1895 died 8th May 1945, married to Ödön Vogel,
                Aranyka/Golda Deutsch born on 25th of June 1891 Ujpest
                Margit Deutsch born around 1893 Died 15th of August 1944, married to Sàndor Reichard.

 Szegenyhaz Tér is now Rózák Tér, Budapest VII
Hope this helps,

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