Re: SIG group mailings

Chuck Weinstein

The SIGs are still where they have been all along - accessible via the JewishGen home page.  The link on the groups page is strictly for this group.  Traffic on all the SIG Discussion Group pages has been extremely light for the past few weeks, but they are still here.  Nothing has changed in the way you access all other discussion groups on JewishGen.  They are still on the old platform. 

Chuck Weinstein

I rarely receive the SIG digests anymore.

When I click on the 'View all your' or 'Edit your subscriptions here' links I see the only thing I seem subscribed to is "Main".

And on that screen i was sent to I can find no way to add or check on my SIG subscriptions. I am posting this topic on the Main list because I am sure a lot of people would like to know the answer. The last message I sent to support only got me a default form reply with a link that did not accept either my new or old jewishgen passwords. So I gave up.

Please don't send me another default response because I cannot access the reply. My passwords don't work. Please just answer my question on the Main list so I and the many others in my position can benefit.

Thank you!

Jeff Malka 

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