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Geraldine Courtney

On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 08:35 AM, <bcloncar@...> wrote:
Please send out a "test message"
Thank You,

 I have had a similar problem to those described  here.

My usual 'traffic' from SIGs has reduced dramatically but I have been able to find a way into the system and can see I am still subscribed as before. However, since this new website was introduced I have sent at least two, possibly three, requests for help to the very address Dick Plotz gives above: support@... and never heard a thing! 

I have though realised that a totally new password for this mains@... site is required, and that my original password for the general JewishGen site remains as before. 

I think a 'test' would serve its purpose, but suspect that some of the explanatory notes intended to help us all navigate our way around this new group still needs simplification. 

Geri Courtney UK

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