Re: SIG group mailings

Jeffrey Herrmann

There is something seriously wrong with the SIGs since the new website was introduced, and I’m sorry, but being told over and over that nothing has changed simply isn’t acceptable.

To see if it is true that there hasn’t been much activity in the SIGs, I clicked on the GermanSIG link and then clicked on the GermanSIG news archive link.  It shows the last posting as “ 08/05/2019  IAJGS Conference in Cleveland Activity Summary”   Seriously ???  Nothing since 5 August ???   If there have been messages in the last two and a half months, where can I find them?

Next, I clicked on the DNASIG.  It takes you to a page that does not even pretend to have a link to archived news items.  If news items from the DNASIG can be retrieved, where are they hidden?  I’d like to know whether I have missed some or whether there haven’t been any for several weeks.  Why is that so difficult?

Jeffrey Herrmann

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