Re: Visas from Europe.

A. E. Jordan

They were finally allowed to come here in 1950. Would they have been required to get Visas to come here? And where can I research this year?
Linda asks about how to start researching a 1950 arrival in the USA for survivors of the Shoah.
Start with Ancestry which has passenger lists till 1957.  You should be able to find their arrival on the passenger lists and they will likely show up as stateless.  he arrival helps because you know where and when and you might be able to see if they were with a sponsored group.
Ancestry is available in most public libraries so you do not have to subscribe (or if you post the specific names to the list, I am sure people will help).
A lot of the survivors coming from the DP camps where being managed by one of the relief organizations.  I am not sure if those people got individual visas.  If so, others are posting about how to get the visa records.
Also look for the naturalization because those files are public and also give details.  If they lived in New York City you can look on the ItalianGen site as they have a good index into the 1950s.  The records themselves if they are in NYC they are at the National Archives in Manhattan.
Allan Jordan

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