My COHEN branch from Lithuania #lithuania

Angie Elfassi


My grandma Sarah b. 1878 nee COHEN Richman was born in Sakiai, Lithuania.

As far as I know, she had two brothers:
Harris Tsvi Hirsch Cohen b. 1860.
Morris Moshe Cohen b. 1882

Their father was Shmuel Yitzhak b c. 1843. He married Chana d/o Efraim (possibly Cantor) and as far as I know, they were the parents of the aforementioned three children: Harris Tsvi Hirsch, Sarah and Morris Moshe.

I havent found other children from Shmuel Yitzhak and Chana, but it is odd that there is such a large gap between Harris and Sarah, if Shmuel Yitzhak and Chana were the parents of all three. 

According to DNA tests of Harris' descendant (direct ggrandson) and Sarah (my grandmother) we are 2nd-3rd cousins, so there doesnt seem to be a hiccup [ :-) ] there.

Shmuel Yitzhak had one brother that I know of: Mordechai.  Their father was either Yekutial or Yechial or Zusman Cohen. The name discrepancy comes from Shmuel and Mordechai's tombstones. Different father's names on tombstones can happen. For example on my father's tombstone it says s/o Yosef and on his full brother's tombstone it says s/o Zissel.

Anyhow both Efraim and Yekutial died in Lithuania.  All the other ancestors mentioned above, died in Leeds, Yorkshire.

I have been trawling through JewishGen trying to find Chana d/o Efraim to discover a surname (might be Cantor) and additional births for children of Shmuel Yitzhak and Chana.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Dare I say, Cohen is such a difficult name to research.

Angie Elfassi

RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds

KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds

MULVIDSON, Rezekne, Latvia/Sweden

GREENSTONE, Rezekne, Lavia/Leeds

ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA


KANTOR, Sakia, Lithuania

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