Re: Linkuva (Lithuania) school photos for id

Saul Issroff

I posted  this correction and apology about an hour ago.
I have put two photos on veiwmate for identification. They are school
photos, one circa 1904, the  other probably a few years later. From
Harold Behr’s collection. Surnames already known in these are a Behr,
Hurwitz and a Issroff..
Some Linkuva families went to South Africa

any information appreciated

My veiwmate post went out with an incorrect url. Apologies, these are
now correct .
Saul Issroff

On Thu, 31 Oct 2019 at 10:58, Flavio Baran <fdbaran@...> wrote:
Hi all, is this only me or all others are unable to see the photos mentioned above?

The only visible parts are the surnames mentioned in the post.

Thank you.


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