looking for relatives in Lvov - KOROSTISHEFSKY formerly ROPSCHITZ #ukraine #galicia #poland


Hello friends
My latest search is for any relatives of my cousin YUSEFA KOROSTISHEVSKAYA who was born in Lvov, around the 1930s I think, jumped off a train bound for Auschwitz and survived to lead a full life.  She and I exchanged letters in 1997 for the last time and I heard nothing after. I have found a family tree with a few names on and think she died in Israel.The names are all in Russian which I can read. It seems her husband was called ARKADY and her children ANATOLY and MARINA but they are not on the family tree. Instead I am finding the names FELIX SHUMAX and ZHANIA SHUMAX. I have sent a message but not heard anything back. Our family name was ROPSCHITZ  (from Lvov 1860s). Any help will be most gratefully received. 
Yolanda Ropschitz-Bentham

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