APOTHEKER Family From Stanislawow

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I am researching for several years my wife's family APOTHEKER with a fair success. We knew that her ggrandfather  Saul Isak
 APOTHEKER was born in 1831  and lived in  Nowy Sacz.  He had some relatives in Krakow,Drobomyl, Przemysl and in 
villages in the vicinity. However, during the second half of the 19th century there  was only one APOTHEKER household in all
 those places, in other words, their forefathers came from somewhere else. Yesterday I found out that Saul Isak was born in 
Stanislawow in East Galicia. In Stanislawow I found the spelling APTEKER which returned many results also in Kolomiyya
and once also the right spelling APOTHEKER. I also have one APOTHEKER who lived in Bobrka(Bibrka) which is 86 km
from Stanislawow. Trying other spelling APTAJKER I found a PoT from Lazajsk. I believe they might be my wife's relatives. 
If it rings a bell I would like to hear about it. East Galicia is Terra Nova for us.
Jacob Rosen

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