New site/app for searching graves in Israel #israel

David Ziants

This might be useful for those searching people buried in Israel,

I was just drawn attention (was posted on the sephardi facebook page) to the following new searchable site:-

It should be warned that the site is in Hebrew only (as far as I can see).

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Searching: ZIANTS, ISMACH (DAVIDSON,OSMAN), ZENETSKY (SCHLOSBERG), FRIEDMAN, ALPERT (from Narewka, Bialystok, Lomza, Lodz, Bielsk, Warsaw); GEWELBA (GABLE, RAVELLE, GALE), SINGER (from Warsaw); MICHAELS (UK and W. Europe); REINA, VIEYRA, JUDA-RODRIGUEZ/PASQUAL (UK and Netherlands).


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