who are or where is Bialostoker #poland

David Syner

I found an article about my Grandfather, Lester Syner, in Detroit Jewish News archives.
"Bialostoker Juniors announce 

that important announcements of forthcoming activities will be made next week. There are 300 members in this organization. Membership is still open to young men who desire a wide variety of interests. among them. athletics, forensics, anti-defamation, literary work, social and youth promotion groups. 

An important event is planned for April 3.1938

i'm bring looking for clues on my Syner family for YEEEEARS. They arrived in NYC 1881. Rabbie Eleazar Ziner (later Louis Sinner) and his wife Elka Ziner (katz) Most of those record are gone to a Fire.  Elka died in 1885. Her 2 children were born in NYC. 

If my Grandfather was President of Bialostoker. Maybe it would help me identify which county/city they lived in before coming to the US.

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