Re: Seeking descendants of Lodz industrialist Markus SILBERSTEIN (1833-1899)

Diane Jacobs



Can't help you with Silberstein, but I do have Poznanski from Lodz. My aunt was a Poznanski from there

who became Posner  / Pozner in NYC.   Shall we discuss further.


Diane Jacobs

Somerset, NJ



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Dear group


I am trying to identify and then get in touch with the descendants of the well known Lodz industrialist Markus SILBERSTEIN (1833-1899).  Would anyone in the group be able to please recommend any resources or approaches? 


I have contacted a JewishGen researcher via the Family Tree of Jewish People (FTJP) and done some internet searching but have not been able to identify any contemporary pathway to connect with anyone – I’ve only been able to find historical information.


The parents of Markus were Joachim SILBERSTEIN/ZYLBERSZTEJN and Adela GLIKSMAN.  Their siblings also married - Ruchla ZYLBERSZTEJN (the sister of Joachim) married Dawid GLIKSMAN (the brother of Adela).  I am a descendant of that other marriage and so the four grandparents of Markus SILBERSTEIN are also my direct ancestors.


As Markus SILBERSTEIN and his wife Teresa COHN were a wealthy well-known family, and as there seems to be information and photos of them and their children which are find-able on the internet, I am (optimistically) hoping that there are some descendants living who may be in possession of family archives in which there may be some photos of the parents or even grandparents of Markus and maybe even some other family photos that include his aunt (my gggm) Ruchla.


Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


Kind regards


Alan Glixman

Sydney, Australia

Researching: In Plock (LICHTENSTEIN, POZNANSKI); in Praszka (HEYMAN, KON); in Pabianice (GLIKSMAN, SZTYLLER)

Diane Jacobs

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